Friday, 9 October 2009

Robbie Spotted Secretly Shopping In Swindon

Robbie’s back in the UK! But he’s already getting back on his bike!

The international super-star was spotted bicycle shopping in the Old Town area of the sleepy Wiltshire town, close to his newly purchased £7million mansion in the heart of the country side.

It’s the first time the ex Take That member has been seen on these shores since news of him moving out of Los Angeles broke out late last year. Williams, who is often known for his big ego, was in no mood to be recognised; wearing a large black puffer jacket, dark shades and a thick, black balaclava.

However, even this elaborate disguise couldn’t keep Robbie’s fans at bay. Word spread like wild-fire that the Angels singer was actually in their town! Before long a herd of frenzied female fans had gathered outside the Red Planet Bike Shop hoping to get a glimpse of the Robster.

But fans were left disappointed as staff at the bike shop politely asked them not to “hassle him so he could enjoy his first day back in peace”. Robbie made a quick exit from the shop before being ushered into a chauffeured limousine, giving only a brief wave to the large group of waiting fans.

One onlooker said “just Robbie’s presence sent this area of town into chaos, there were camera flashes everywhere! It’s not surprising he just wanted to be left in peace”. This celeb spotting comes only months after Queen of Pop, Madonna, was also seen shopping in the Swindon area.

Williams, 35, who has sold over 55 million albums worldwide plans to release his first album in three years, Reality Killed the Video Star, at the end of the month with a subsequent world tour to follow.

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